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:: Death Stare :: by sweetflower :: Death Stare :: :iconsweetflower:sweetflower 0 1 Deviant ID Forever by sweetflower Deviant ID Forever :iconsweetflower:sweetflower 0 0 leavemyheartbackground by sweetflower leavemyheartbackground :iconsweetflower:sweetflower 0 0 :: Bleeding Skies :: by sweetflower :: Bleeding Skies :: :iconsweetflower:sweetflower 1 30
--Hate Me---
Hate me
For I danced with death
Murder me
For I stole your breath
Injure me
As I have wounded you
In darkened visions
My bidding you shall do
Of malice ties
I have been born
Of evil intentions
My heart was sworn
I have tortured souls
And bathed in toxins
I have kissed the devil
And made use of sins
I have haunted minds
And slaughtered their dreams
I found pleasure
In their piercing screams
I have sliced veins
And laughed at homicide
I have crushed worlds
And caused suicide
For all eternity
I dwell in my grave
Agonizing innocents
And murdering the brave
So hate me
For I danced with death
So murder me
For I stole your breath
:iconsweetflower:sweetflower 7 43
--Tears I Bleed--
These tears I bleed
Are signs of need
I'm lost without a chance
From the path, I chose to dance
A broken being, I've seem to become
A desperate soul, a memory to some
Fading away into the abyss
A pitiful heart, no one will miss
Death flies on wingless desires
Fortune lives in fateful fires
Wicked winds blow my way
I'm losing the battle, they seem to say
The dome of the past
Remains a weak spell cast
Melodies had lit an aching heart
Destiny's cries murdered the part
Wondering when misery will end
This obsession for death, I shall defend
Robbed of my grace
I peer into this stranger's face
Deep and hollow eyes stare at me
Past pains play for eternity
Agony dwells in spirit and heart
A shattered creature falling apart
This cry for help
No one to heed
Tortured and alone
These tears I bleed
:iconsweetflower:sweetflower 4 39
---Out the Window---
She wore the crown
Upon her head
Sparkling diamonds
Concealed her dread
She walked delicately
Down the starlit hall
And as it came to an end
There he stood tall
A wide grin
Across his face
An added misery
Among the race
A worried look
Darkened her face
As she strolled towards him
At a slower pace
Mocking laughter
Danced in his eyes
As he grabbed her arm
And whispered sweet lies
She trembled
Choking back tears
As he kissed her lips
And unlocked her fears
Her thoughts drifted
To memories of her love
The touch of his lips
All vanishing above
His eyes of truth
Overflowing with affection
Sacrifice and love
A deep connection
All good times
Now at an end
A desire to die
She won't defend
Now an open window
Seduces her senses
And slowly, with him
Falls all defenses
Violent waves
Ravaging beneath
As she suddenly
Let goes of him
With a brief glance
To the fate below
She plunges to her death
Out the window
:iconsweetflower:sweetflower 1 30
---Whisper to Me---
Whisper to me, my sweet child
Your voice haunting and melodious
Your breath lingers, soothingly
With Nature's curse upon your face
The scenic beauties endless
Your link pulls the strings of my heart
The cotton touch upon your skin
My dear, you own the world in your hands
The twirling and the falling
Such power you possess
Melts the stones that bear my stress
An angel dwells in the chambers of your heart
Sealing the innocence that glows in your eyes
From you sweetness springs
Love endless and pain forsaken
Eyes bleeds pools of tears
Refreshing the tiny windows to your soul
Dreamily you stare at me through them
Deepening the bond we share
And as your laughter sang harmonies of life, dear child
You whispered to me
:iconsweetflower:sweetflower 1 22
My Deviant ID2 by sweetflower My Deviant ID2 :iconsweetflower:sweetflower 0 13 :: My Collection of 2003 :: by sweetflower :: My Collection of 2003 :: :iconsweetflower:sweetflower 2 27
:- I'll Never Say Goodbye.. -:
"No! This is NOT happening!" he said to her half-yelling and half-sobbing. "It was supposed to be me! Not you!"
She tried to speak to him but she couldn't. Her ability to breathe was being taken from her by an unseen force. Nevertheless, it was relevant he understand she didn't blame him. That she would do it again. A hundred times if she had to. He meant that much to her.
"Please, it's not your fault." she whispered with utmost difficulty reaching for his face now filled with salty tears.
"But it is." he told her holding her limp hand against his cheek. "Everything. All the blame goes to me and only me. My stupidity…my selfishness…my pride. Now I'm losing the one thing, the one person that meant everything to me. I'm losing you." He cried holding her in his arms trying desperately to warm her pale, icy skin.
Distant sirens filled the air as an audience stood close by observing helplessly. The frosty night added a chilling affect to the events that unfolded ten minutes before. The shot
:iconsweetflower:sweetflower 1 13
---The Key---
On nights of magic
You stand there still
Dwelling beneath the light of star-studded skies
Stealthily watching me
In eternal pools of wonder
No expressions visible to see
Just those haunting eyes that bring out
The inner me
Burning holes and searching my soul
For a chance to unlock the bolted door
That claims to be my heart
The key still hides afraid to be found
Already certain of no return
Yet, you follow me in soothing silence
The look of beauty upon your face
I cannot keep my stare
So I look away in secret delight
Cheeks warm with scarlet stains
My heart fills with a warmth
That melts the very fortress I hold
Suddenly, reality strikes  and the walls build up again
I refuse to believe time lasts forever
However, the feeling is intense and begs to let go
I try despertely to ignore this urge
But I can't as I sink deep into your trap
So I look in search for the warmth you carry
Too late
The air freezes as darkness engulfs in me
Holding me captive
Satisfied from victory
I strugg
:iconsweetflower:sweetflower 1 28
--Rocks of Destiny--
Dull waves
Splash against the shore
Past thoughts
Played to the core
Shattered dreams
Come to mind
As broken glass
Cracks behind
Perched by the pier
Wind blowing through my hair
I look into the horizon
Avoiding his stare
Shifting my eyes below
Hundreds of piercing rocks
Wait and welcome my fall
As fate gravely knocks
Ignoring his pleas
I bid farewell
To all memories
And moments of hell
His final mistake
I couldn't forgive
The torture, unbearable
The betrayal, deep
A last goodbye
To all I see
To all I miss
My time to flee
Suddenly, a powerful breeze
Carries my lifeless body
And down I fall forever
Into the rocks of destiny
:iconsweetflower:sweetflower 3 26
My Deviant ID2 by ixcloverxi by sweetflower My Deviant ID2 by ixcloverxi :iconsweetflower:sweetflower 2 18
When you feel like you're plunging for the worst
You can't end the suffering
It hurts in the very depths of your heart
You're losing trust
No one to care
The way you need to be cared
No one to love you
The way you need to be loved
Because you're alone
No one has a clue
But you
The pain
The heart-break
The feeling that you've vanished
And no one can find you
Even if they tried
Because you're invisible
You're gone
And you can't return
Not for you
Not for anyone
Tears keep falling
You're losing control
Everything hurts
Everything kills you
And all through that
You act calm
You hide it as if it's nothing
When in fact, it's everything
Crying seems to be the only way
But it never helps
Nothing does
You find something to please you
Something to numb you
From the broken glass
That cut through your being
And poured the life out of you
Yet still, all you do is cry
The salty liquid mixing with the blood
You try to seek an answer
A way to escape from this hell
But you can't
All around you
:iconsweetflower:sweetflower 3 21
-.-Never Found the Words-.-
Never Found the Words...
I didn't really care,
When we first met.
Sure you were sweet,
But so were they all.
Later turning cold,
As their truths were told.
But who would've known
You'd be so different
Oh I never found the words
To tell you how I feel
Never found the words
To tell you it was real
Never found the words
To let you know
How much I love you.
I never found the words
I should've known then
But I didn't
And now it's too late to go back.
Never knew how true you were,
How the longing you felt,
Made my heart melt.
All those times I heard your song,
How could I have known,
It wouldn't last long.
I had tried so many times
To open my heart to you
To let you know how much you meant,
How many times I thought of you,
How happier my life was because of you
But I couldn't
So afraid of what that might mean
So afraid of what you'd think
So afraid of losing you...
Never found the words
To tell you how I feel
So afraid of what that might mean
Never found the words
:iconsweetflower:sweetflower 6 46

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Eulogy of Stars
-Eulogy of Stars-
We walked on the edge of an empty field, malicious life flowing through dreams' torrid memory. The sky was dull red, the color of dried blood. I ran my hand along a broken paintless fence, afraid or unsure of your eyes. We passed a small bird struggling against shattered wings to fly; you said it was like me, and dismissed it with a glance. I reached for your hand, and our footsteps faded with the tears of flowers.
Across a dark whispering river we saw the grey sun, bleeding into a pale distant sea like melting snow. I lowered my head and watched dead shoots pass beneath me, wondering if they had seen the stars fall. The strangled breeze carried the soft fingers of dandelions, and they clawed at my legs like a terrified child. We paused and you looked at me, expressionless, as my shadow grew wings.
I heard the solitary voice of the Nightshade, and found you in my arms. You were colder than the bleeding sky as you wept into my chest. I said "Starlight is only the breat
:iconseekingtruth:seekingtruth 8 16
Dark Beauty by ixcloverxi Dark Beauty :iconixcloverxi:ixcloverxi 1 9 Power of Knowledge-Paradox by vlda Power of Knowledge-Paradox :iconvlda:vlda 662 245 BuTtErFLy by thezombie BuTtErFLy :iconthezombie:thezombie 62 223
--TraGic DeaTh--
---Tragic Death---
Terrible wind, blistering cold
I'm shivering hard because my coat is very old,
My hands got frostbite because my gloves are ripped
I can barely walk cause I got blistered feet.
The dreadful stormy breeze
Caused me brain-freeze.
I cant think right cause my head is spinning;
Then a sudden flash!
I go blind by the light
Then feel the clash
And before I know
I'm rolling down the hill
Getting scratched and tasting blood in my mouth
Eyes are getting tired and heart wants to stop beating   
Tried to hold on to something to prevent the fall
But couldn't move my arm cause it already broke
I can feel my life ending…
Getting weird visions...
Falling in to the black water
Getting stuck in between some rocks
Get drowned and never see the world
Nor the world sees my drowned body
Which got rotten in the black sea.
:iconevilgal:evilgal 3 16
Development 1.7 by nefariax Development 1.7 :iconnefariax:nefariax 22 53
Reflection of Solace
-Reflection of Solace-
I lost myself in the prose of an empty storm, as my shadow assumed unfamiliar shapes on the cracked walls surrounding me. Golden thorns stretched out from the darkness as if driven by an insatiable hunger. I was unaware of their breath as they became one with my black living image, cast by the light of a solitary dying candle.
The impassionate beauty of words threatened to entreat my soul as I felt loving and deadly arms wrap around me. Your voice burned with deceit and licked at my heart like cold fire, and I heard the Windflower cry in the onset of apathy.
Through the ageless empty window, the feigned decadence of a falling star shone with the irrepressible intent of widows' self-destructive despair, its solitary tear staining graves of those long passed. Your tender arms encircled me; my eyes closed while a curtain of dark feelings gently descened upon me. I could taste lies in your touch, but only after love's defiance had been confirmed with hidden truth unw
:iconseekingtruth:seekingtruth 3 15
Lightless Refrain
Before we kissed, I never knew the taste of twilight...
-Lightless Refrain-
I cried in the place where time drew its last breath. I once remembered its warm embrace, but the memories left me to drift in a sea of shattered dreams. The refrain of days past faded into the nothingness while I longed for the pure light of the firefly.
But as sight is lost in the sun's fiery stare, I was greeted only by a malicious shadow. Like a demonic sprite, it danced around me, and as my eyes turned green emerald tears ran free. I sensed in the shifting darkness an eternal hopelessness, and I opened myself to it.
When time lost all meaning, all time became lost. Burning recollections left me cold, as hope wept a solemn nocturne.
I was alone.
The timeless serenade of immortality died as a final listless smile crossed my tear-strewn face. The memory of life escaped my pleading hands, like Yours so long ago.
Through the icy blue window of sleep, I saw the black rain melt the world.
-Adam Morsa
:iconseekingtruth:seekingtruth 8 24
The Eternal Movement
On and through the ashes, I become transcendence, bathed in your light...
-The Eternal Movement-
In tender arms, I dreamed of sleep, but closed eyes yield only tears. An unspoken truth wrapped me in nothing; the blue simply cold incarnate, and all else consumed by grey asphyxiation. In my tireless search for an untainted flame, I became an emptiness greater than ignorance.
All names on her satin lips excluded mine, and I was lost in the aftertaste of language. Black and gold passed through me, unable to perceive that which no longer lived.
I sail with the breath of the moon on starry skies, risen and solemn in ashes' wake. Searching the intimate eyes of a timeless night, I found only reflections more real than I could have ever hoped to be. The lingering taste of dust brings memories to life, and solitude fades as I am embraced by warm reminiscence.
Cloaked in the eternal shadow, the memory of innocence skirted my eyes, and in that tiny light I glimpsed the final truth for
:iconseekingtruth:seekingtruth 9 30
No Emotions by ixcloverxi No Emotions :iconixcloverxi:ixcloverxi 2 5 Depth of Solitude by nebu Depth of Solitude :iconnebu:nebu 121 118
Orions Light in the Window
I shifted slightly in my chair,
The house was gloomy, misty, black
Dropped the book and looked around
I couldn't tell you
how long it had been like that
I got up slowly and looked around
The floor creaked as I walked across
Reaching the carpet my feet made no
I stood alone and at a loss
It was over, the light was gone
I'd been too distracted to come to grips
I'd been so used to it for so long
I focused blindly as my soul eclipsed
I stumbled through every room
Turning on every light
But I couldn't get rid of the oppressive
Everything still remained as dark as
my sight
In panic, I frantically ran
Thundering through coffee tables
that weren't there
My body ached but felt no pain
And battered I sank in despair
How long I lay there,
if you only knew
After a long while in the distance
was a fainter sound
A hollow, solo train whistle blew
And slowly I began to come around
I gradually walked to the window
My mind slowly adjusted to the
I held my arms up in vain
:icondragonorion:dragonorion 7 18
Last Dance with the Fireflies
"When the smoke cleared, there were no fireflies. There was no 'him' or 'her.' Just ashes..."
-Last Dance with the Fireflies-
Your hand was cold in mine as we walked among dying flowers, memories flowing from our eyes like shadows before an unwelcome light. Fireflies twirled around my fingertips as the stream at our feet ran red, dancing on a dream lost to reality.
We kissed - your lips were like blood. I asked why and you answered with a sad smile, your bright eyes finally letting the darkness within burn through. Beneath the starless night sky, I understood, a tiny light flitting across your face with the innocence of a homicide. My arms encircled you, and we danced to a silent song only we could ever hear. Blue and gold remembrances became forever lost in the scent of incense and dew-matted hair.
The fires surrounding us illuminated our sorrow, and we were beautiful.
The chill night wept for our beauty, consumed by lovers' despair. Through sanguine tears, you told me ou
:iconseekingtruth:seekingtruth 21 32



Ishrat K.
United States
Current Residence: California
Favourite genre of music: all typezz but mostly rock/pop/hindi
Favourite photographer: various
Favourite style of art: various...mostly dark :D
Operating System: Win XP - new comp...Win98 SE - old comp
MP3 player of choice: Winamp and WinMP
Shell of choice: coconut lol :P jk
Wallpaper of choice: kiddu :D
Skin of choice:
Favourite cartoon character: tweetyyy :P
Personal Quote: To love is one be loved is another..but to be loved by the one you everything
hiyyaaazzzzzzzzzz peepz!! hope y'all r well! :hug:

:spotlight-left: Quote of the Moment :spotlight-right:
"If you want to be someone in life, if you want to achieve something, if you want to win, always listen to your heart; And if that doesn't give you any answers, close your eyes and think of your parents; And then you will cross all the hurdles, all your problems will vanish; Victory will be yours...only yours."
~from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (Indian Movie)


lol well i'm back...well kinda...i cant believe i've been gone from this place so long...i had so much fun...guess life took ova n held me captive...i dont even tink anyone remembaz me lol :laughing: except maybe 1 or 2...itz oki i dont mind :D...n i'm not pwomithing dat ima be on regular from now on lol :)...anywho well an update...i was 17 when i left...i'm 19 my second yr of uni...itz goin oki i suppose...tho i am conflicted abt ma major.... :hmm:  anywho well datz life...whoeva said it had to be pewfect right? :) ...i have had some time to woik on some i will be uploading dat shortly...especially since my ID sayz im still 17 :giggle: well hope u all visit me sumtime...of course i will too...:) ...n have already started...well off to bed.. :sleep:

well dat it fromm meee take carezz y'allll n be safeee n have tonzz of fun! lol :laughing: :D :hug: :smooch:
mwaaazzz n smoooocheeeezzzzzzz!!!! tataaazzzz n tooodleeezz!!! :wave: :wave: :bow: :bow:


Artist: 3 Doors Down
Song: Let Me Go

One more kiss could be the best thing
But one more lie could be the worst
And all these thoughts are never resting
And you're not something I deserve

In my head there's only you now
This world falls on me
In this world there's real and make believe
And this seems real to me

You love me but you don't know who I am
I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand
And you love me but you don't know who I am
So let me go
Let me go

I dream ahead to what I hope for
And I turn my back on loving you
How can this love be a good thing
When I know what I'm goin through

In my head there's only you now
This world falls on me
In this world there's real and make believe
And this seems real to me

You love me but you don't know who I am
I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand
You love me but you don't know who I am
So let me go
Just Let me goo...
Let me go

And no matter how hard I try
I can't escape these things inside I know
I knowww..
When all the pieces fall apart
You will be the only one who knows
Who knows

You love me but you don't know who I am
I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand
And you love me but you don't know Who I am
So let me go
Just let me go

And you love me but you don't
You love me but you don't
You love me but you don't know who I am
And you love me but you don't
You love me but you don't
You love me but you don't know me

Thanx for Your time! =P
Until another fateful day,
Much Luv,
:hug:Friends, watchers, brilliant artists:) :
:community: Member of :community: :


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